Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium. Rob and I have both travelled through this beautiful station numbers of times but have never had time to venture out of the station doors. When new colleagues invited us to join them for a day trip, we were ready to go. 

Antwerp Train Station. I'm currently working my way through the  "Congo" by  David Van Reybrouck. Recently while reading I learned that Antwerp Central Station, one my favorite train stations in Europe, was built by Belgian King Leopold 11 between 1895-1905 with money made off of rubber harvested in Congo.  Historians estimate between 2-5 million Congolese died during this period. 

Handsome Rob eating fries in the land where they were invented and perfected! 

Love these 3

In the Grote Markt-Click here to read the legend behind Antwerp's name (thus the statue of the man throwing the monster's hand!)

Tired Twins. No wonder. A 2 1/2 hr. direct train ride turned into 3 trains and a 4 1/2hr. trip.

The city is known for its many statues. Someday without kids, maybe we'll make it back for a tour to learn the symbolism behind all the artwork.

 Emily & Ryan enjoying the shade of the castle.

Mmmmm...waffles with chocolate and real whipped cream. 

Me and my little man. He ate the strawberries, I ate the waffle.

Jesiah gazing at the chocolate fountain...a dream come true.


Mom and Mike said...

Love it. Love you all.

Mom and Mike

BeckyR said...

Looked like a great day!